Sublime � Paddle Out

I never suspicion that when we grew adult we would be in a band
And transport to all a best spots in a land
I�m not here to gloat or boast
I�m usually here to tell we �bout a spots that we adore a most

Natural bridges on a purify west swell
Breaks over a embankment like a bat out of hell
Stockton Ave. gets vale and mean
And on a large day it works like a machine
Outside Stockton gets prohibited like a glove
Swift St. John�s St. into Michell�s Cove
Big Steamer Lane creates we wish we were a trout
When it�s mackin� so tough usually dual dudes Paddle Out

A outrageous Summertime South bloat strike when I�m in my hometown
In a surfside play is where we can be found
Or adult and down a coast
Checkin� a spots that we adore a most
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