STEPHEN LYNCH � The Night I Laid You Down

We were young, maybe twenty
You wore a white dressing gown
Drinking wine and dancing slowly
On the night I laid you down

And the moonlight revealed your body
As the radio played some old Phil Collins songs
And we believed in something holy
On the night I laid you down

We had love in our eyes
We passion in our souls
There was fire in our kisses
But it was not a Phil Collins song

It might have been like Mike
The Mechanics
I don�t know who that is
Yes, you do, he was the other guy in Genesis
Mmmm, I�m pretty sure that it was Phil Collins
No, it wasn�t
On this night I laid you down

Any way
it doesn�t matter
Any way
doesn�t matter
We made love
We made love
�Til the dawn
Two hearts beating
Two hearts beating
is all we heard
Oh boy, here we go
Besides that old
There was fuckin� no
Phil Collins song

Well, it might have been that song from the movie with the jambox
Say anything
That�s the one
Who the hell mixes up Peter Gabriel with Phil Collins
Well fuck you, I guess I�m no expert in fucking nineties music whatever
No, you�re not eighties
On the night I laid you down
On the night I laid you down
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