I bought a gerbil from the petting zoo
If Richard Gere can do it I can too
I get undressed, start to lube
I stick the gerbil in the end of the tube

Wondering just how he�ll feel
Will he like it better than his little wheel
Careful now he�s right beside me
One more inch and he�s inside me

Go, gerbil go
Burrow harder, burrow deeper
Be my little chimney sweeper
One thing I forgot about
How am I supposed to get you out?

So now my Gerbils on easy street
It�s warm and cozy and there�s plenty to eat
The situation is beyone my control
Gotta find a way to get him out of his hole

I try crowbars, I try wires
I almost had him with a pair of pliers
I try cheese but he�s not biting
I wish this wasn�t so exciting

Go, gerbil go
Jesus I am such a sucker
Please get out you furry fucker
I think I am getting ill
Suddenly he�s very very still

Now it�s too late
My gerbil died
I guess I have commited gerbicide
Here�s some advice
It�s very clear cut
If you love your gerbil
Don�t stick him up your butt
Don�t stick him up your butt
Little furry gerbil in your booty hole
Don�t stick him up and you put him in the end and he won�t come out
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