SMOSH � My Fanny Pack

Walkin� down the street and everybody�s starin�
Just jealous of what I�m wearin�
That�s right it�s a fanny pack, bitches
Hot pink and matches my britches

You�re thinking �that guy�s insane
Damn, what�s his name? What�s wrong with his brain?�
I�m perfectly sane, just hear what I say
Everything I need�s just one zip away

My fanny pack, my fanny pack is all I need
It�s on my waist while I shower and while I pee
It holds my hairspray so I look good every day
It holds me tight and keeps the Boogie Man away

You can�t mess with my fanny pack, I�m a maniac
It�s a fact, you better watch your back
Packs more than a back pack
One time I looked inside and I found an iMac

Only tough guys wear fanny packs
Hulk Hogan, Chuck Norris and this guy�
Diss me and you better watch your back
I�ll smack you with my 20 pound fanny pack

I�ve been attacked by a wild beast
I think it was a furry hippopotamus from Greece
I needed a weapon for the fight
What I pulled out was a stick of dynamite

Makes great gifts for the holidays
�It�s my dick in a pack, babayyyy�
If you talk smack, I�ll put you in my sack
What�s this? It�s midget in my fanny pack!
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