SMOSH � Boxmans Christmas

All I hear about is christmas spirit
Fuck that shit, man, I don�t wanna hear it
Christmas as a box sucks and I fear it
Not this time, I�m not gonna be near it

I need to find a way to get away from it all
The mountains would probably be a good call
Only snow and trees is what I recall
I need to get there fast. oh shit, there�s a wall

I�ll tell you why I hate this time of the year
Last christmas my family came to spread cheer
They gave me a bunch of gifts that teased me
None of the presents were aimed to please me

So that�s why christmas is spent by myself
No more santa and his fucking elf
But now I�ve reached my destination
And I can have fun without hesitation

(boxman boxman�s christmas it�s the boxman christmas boxman christmas boxman christmas)

Hey man, why�d you hit my girlfriend for?
Want me to flatten you, use you as a floor?
No, no, no, I was just trying to have fun
Oh, you have a bat? well, I have a gun

Calm down guys, no need to fight
I can give ya�ll some � tonight
That sounds pretty good, my hoe is right
Yeah that�s a great way to settle this plight

Just hurry up and get into our ride
There is even some free candy inside
Hey now, what are those shirts you�re wearing
And what are those box cutters you�re bearing

It was your kind that changed our life, you see
Our family we killed in a box factory
Now we�ll remove you from history
Look over there, I think I see Bruce Lee

Now you see the kind of crap I go through
But now I look at life with a different view
My faith in my family�s been rebuilt
At least they won�t try to get me killed
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