SMOSH � The Legend Of Zelda Rap

Yeah, my name is Link, man
More well known than �Lil Wayne
Oh you thought my name was Zelda?
(That�s a fucking girl�s name!)

I�ve saved the world like 15 times
And saved the princess from demise
And I do it all alone
With no help and no advice

(Hey, look, listen)
Hey look listen you fucking annoying fairy
I�d rather be forced to listen
To constant Katy Perry

I think it�s about time
I got some recognition
Don�t you think
Legend of Zelda?
Screw that!
Legend of Link!

Cause he�s the
L to the I to the n to the k
Wears tights everyday
Don�t give a damn what you say
Got bigger balls than even
Evel Knievel and he ain�t
Gonna stop till the world
Is free of evil

I�ll break all your pots
And I best not hear you bitchin�
I�ve got the triforce of courage
So you better listen

That�s right
I�m called the bushwhacker
And my bank account�s maxed out
Got 999 rupees and my leather wallet�s packed now

Can�t back down can�t slack now
The world needs me to attack now
Yet I�m forced to pay out the ass
For these bombs in castle town
Just give me some heart containers
And let me spit on my ocarina
So I can kick that dumb-ass Ganon
All the way to Argentina


Yo you low life elf
Need a ride up to the north pole
Santa�s got a thing for elves
Gettin� his marriage annulled

You really think savin� the princess
Will convince me your straight?
The uggs and skirt fad is so 2008

Oh snap!
It�s Ganondorf tryin� to jock on my style
Batman�s cape? Lincoln�s beard?
Were you dressed by a child?

You�re a ginger with no soul!
And you look like a fucking troll
Isn�t kidnapping helpless girls
Gettin� a little bit old

You think Zelda�s stupid enough to get
Kidnapped so often
She runs off into my castle
Into my room and begs to get locked in
Ya she�s sick of your little deku nuts
And your girly fairy face
L-i-n-k more like

Man you should have been aborted
Just like the jersey shore
Its a damn lie you told about Zelda
�Cause she loves my master sword
It�s a shame your whole life�s been a waste
Tryin� to rule Hyrule
Cause today will be known as
The day you got schooled!

[Chorus in background]
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