STEPHEN LYNCH � The Gathering

Dare I say, the greatest poets of our day
Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent Jay;
The hip hip clowns
Haters see just white-trash family
They say fan of I.C.P.
must have the downs

I don�t care, I love them so
Cornrow my hair and drink Faygo
I�m every where � I am Juggalo

Let us sing of the annual gathering
Come see a cultural happening, and also tits
Call us sick, say you hate our wigger schtick
But it�s about the music, and also tits

You put us down but you don�t know
I�m a proud clown, and so�s my hoe
I wear the crown of Juggalo

Come along to the posse show
Our bond is strong, like magnets, yo
I sing this song for the Juggalo
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