Everyone knows Jesus,
The man who healed the lame,
But I am Jesus� brother:
Craig is my name.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace,
Jesus is the Lamb,
Jesus is the Son of God,
But Craig don�t give a damn.

Because when Craig�s in sight,
We�ll party all damn night!
I don�t turn water into wine,
But into cold Coors Light!
I�m not my brother, I know,
Don�t walk on H2O,
But I got hydroponic shit that me and Judas grow!

I�m fuckin� Craig!
I�m fuckin� Craig!
Yeah, I�m fuckin� Craig!
Craig Christ.

I hang out with lepers,
Barabas and Salome.
Jesus� friends are called Apostles;
Those dudes are totally gay.

Jesus performs miracles
From Galilee to Rome,
But it would be a miracle
If he brought a fuckin� lady home.

Because while Jesus is prayin�,
Fuckin� Craig is layin�
Every lady in the Testament,
You know what I�m sayin�?
I won�t die for your sin
Like my famous kin,
But if you�ve got a little sister,
Then there�s room at this inn!

I�m fuckin� Craig!
Yeah, I�m fuckin� Craig!
I�m fuckin� Claagh!
Craig Christ.

Jesus was our mother�s fave.
All her love to him she gave.
But there�s no sibling rivalry
When he�s nailed to that tree! Yeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

And now the question for you,
Is not �What Would Jesus Do?�,
But where will you be
When the Craig Machine comes partyin� through?
And if the Lord will allow,
You�ve got to ask yourself how,
And who and why and when and where is your messiah now?

It�s fuckin Craig!
It�s Fuckin� Craig!
Fuckin� Craig!
Fuckin� Craig!
I�m fuckin� Craig!
Craig Christ.
Craig Christ.
Craig Christ.
I�m fuckin� Craig.
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