[VERSE 1 Stephen + (Courtney):]
I�ve been drinking here since 5, it�s 2AM and everybody�s gone
The bar man�s cleaning up, the jukebox off and all the lights are on
(I look up from my PBR, and see your desperate stare)
(Well, you�re a drunk and I�ve got low esteem, we make a perfect pair)

[CHORUS 1 {Both} + Stephen:]
{And we can read each other�s minds}
{Tonight we�re the best that we could find}
There�s no one left but you � {I guess you�ll do}
{I guess you�ll do}

[VERSE 2 (Courtney) + Stephen:]
(You�re not the kind of guy I would ever tell me friends about)
I smell like Taco Bell, you�ll probably get sick when we make out
(And I bet you�ve never been with someone quite my size)
Yeah, but your face not so bad, if I kinda squint my eyes

[CHORUS 2 {Both} + Stephen:]
{And even though you�re gonna laugh}
{For the minute a half} that I�m inside of you
{I guess you�ll do}
{I guess you�ll do}

[BRIDGE {Both} + Stephen + (Courtney):]
{We wear our desperation well} walking into this motel
{A scent of sadness fills the room} along with your cheap perfume
(�And Taco Bell)
{And Taco Bell}

[CHORUS 2 {Both} + Stephen:]
{And I don�t mean to be unkind}
{But baby, even you don�t mind} an STD or two
{I guess you�ll do}
{I guess you�ll do}
I guess you�ll do
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