STALLEY � Savage Journey

American made, I�m on the savage journey
Will I�m earning my stars and stripes won�t let these niggas burn me
See it takes time for niggas to learn me
I�ve been through so much and shit, I ain�t close to thirty
Still young in all my glory
Wait, let me tell this story
Hey, been through hell and back
Funny how I�m still intact
Move with the steel in fact
I ain�t never pilled a cat
Not saying that I�m over that
Pressure got me ready to squeeze it
When I do, no turning back
A renegade in combat
The red wings and a ball cap
Nigga I am all that
Anxiety and feel you call that
America�s nightmare in all black
Ghost in the flesh, I�m all that
I�m mobbin� what you call that
In the front line where they fall back
Chest out, head high
You can say I�m �bout that life
Never had to think it twice
Never had to think at life
This is just those basic instincts
Eyes never blinkin� twice
Focused and fixated
They never thought I�d make it
Not out of stall county bliss
Look at the sharks and bounties
Grooms and crackheads around me
You would�ve thought that this would drown me
Are you with the family?
Get down and count it
Montans always said I was a average
But she did say I was a savage kid
And this journey was prevalent
Before I�m hell bent
On success I smell it
Righter than a nose and rightfully I chose
To go where no one before me would ever go
On this savage journey
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