Work [x30]
Work On Deck

Soulja got muscle, ya girl friend I fucked her
Straight out that trap
Bitch that Westside struggle
Gucci bandana blue rag in the duffel
7-4 til the world blow folk hustler
Nigga got to get me bitch I all about that guap
3 years in the game in this shit ain�t gone stop
Call up Miami mike, posted up on plattn lane
Palm tree block, bricks, kush, and them chicken wings
Drop top 2010, black Mercado, raised in Atlanta but born in Chicago
Back in Mississippi man I had the hood lock, with a backpack full of money
And a half in my socks, you a stupid ass nigga if you think you shitting like me
Got a lot niggas hating cause they can�t get like me
Man I�m soulja boy tellem, I�m a tell you how it goes,
Put that pistol on my hip for these rached ass hoes
I�m a real ass nigga I ant never been fake
Bitch I bought that black hummer, sat that bitch on 28s
Mississippi trap boy, chi-town hometown
ATL Westside, zone 1 on now, bitch I�m a g
My first name soulja, disrespect me in my niggas gone fold ya
Took a couple small rats, threw them diamonds in my teeth
I�m equip with army guns so I�m ready for that beef

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