STALLEY � Petrin Hill Peonies

Skipping rocks on this Pebble Beach
Rolling marijuana leaves
Staring through this blue dream
Trying to formulate this piece of mind into a speech
Alone, but these snakes leech
Trying to wrap (rap) around my ideas
I�m just trying to wrap (rap) around my mind�s fears, blind tears
You can�t see the pain, but your ears hear
Everything my heart shares
I�m just trying to part here (part hair)
So I sit and spark here
Smoking till I�m numb, yeah
Really, I just want the pain to go
Money, I ain�t aiming fo�
I just wanna lay low
Farm house, stable
Chevy with them fo� 27's
When I�m revving (reverend), hear them angels
I�m like they screaming through my songs
My testimony shows, I rose
Through the rumble, never crumble
Held my head and stayed humble
Never did I succumb to
That fake ish, I run through
Right down to Sally�s Garden and sit comfortable
She loves me, she loves me not�

[Beat plays with crooning]

Walking through, picking all these roses
Dreaming of Ferrari Testarossas
And �76 Chevy Roadsters
Like the ones on my bedroom posters
Right next to the pin-ups and the toasters
My dream wasn�t Oprah�s
I just want the normal life
Shoot guns with a pretty wife
But that life
No longer isn�t sitting right
I can�t sleep at night
It�s been that way for years
My life�s been on cruise control
It�s time I switch gears
Sally�s Garden, only thing that moves me
The grass blades and the trees, they be talking to me
It�s like some type of trippy movie
That all ends up on the loose-leaf
And every time I leave, I lose peace
God, please have mercy on my soul
Accept everything I owe
And help me let go
Of all the things you deem sinful
I move fast, I�m 10 steps from being slow
And my change is worth gold
She loves me, she loves me not�

[Beat plays with crooning]
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