SOUL ASYLUM � Broken Glass

Long distance information, ring me 608
Laughing at the other end
get me my prescription, come and walk my dog
please get me anything

You can�t seal fate with a kick
You should know it doesn�t work that way
As for your lofty aspirations
You couldn�t give them all away (throw away)

Those precious things that just don�t last (throw away)
Everybody�s been cut like broken glass

Long distance information sounds like broken glass

Just how long is all of this really gonna last
Get someone I used to know
In another place of time
Please please me

You�ve been places I�ll never go
Begged the questions I�ll never know
You�ve had so many arms around you
This time you�ve hit an all-time low

So many things just don�t last
So many things like broken glass
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