Use the past
Use your pain
Never ever try to entertain
Let Stanislavsky be your umbrella
Mumble your words!
Unless they�re�
Use justification, improvisation
Plus some emotional masturbation
Visitor from the Western coast!
Can you dig it
I dig it the most!

In history there�s this doctrine called Monroe
which basically told the enemy where to go
It was created to nurture and protect
But now a new Monroe doctrine is in effect
So go tell Mr. Zanuck to read it and weep
�Cause I�m not just here to dig
I�m here to dig deep
From the 20th century Foxholes I�m released
And just like the sun, I�m rising in the east
I made a move from that permanent state of sadness
To prove there�s a method to my madness
I�m waking up from that 20th century sleep
I�m not just here to dig
I�m here to dig deep
Well there ain�t no sin to remove your skin
And to take a look under the hood
Well you must dispel the outer shell
Though you have to admit my shell looks good
You�re tearing me apart!
I�ll finally get to use my mind�s interior
And not only just my bust and my posterior
�Cause the true inner self you can�t avoid
And we�re just nuts about Sigmund Freud
So open up my id for a good clean sweep
�Cause I�m not just here to dig
No, I�m not just here to dig
Oh, I�m not just here to dig
I�m here to dig deep
Motivation, concentration, exploration
So Deep!
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